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Sealant Estimator Chart

Not sure how much sealant you need for your project? PK Supplies is here to help. Our sealant estimator chart uses the depth and width of your joint to determine how many linear feet can be extracted from each cartridge or sausage of sealant.

Can I accelerate the curing process of Dow Corning sealants...791, 795, 790, etc?

According the specialists at Dow Corning, the cure rate for one part silicone products depends on the humidity in the air, the silicone bead thickness that is applied, and to a lesser degree, heat. Increasing the RH (relative humidity) surrounding the silicone or reducing the thickness of the material applied will help reduce the time it takes to cure the material. Increasing heat (not over 140F or 60C) is actually a less effective method. Cure rates for two part silicone products, however, are mainly affected by heat and to a smaller extent, humidity.

Sealant Selector Charts

Not sure exactly which sealant you need for your particular application? We make it easier for you with sealant selection charts provided by CR Laurence (CRL).

Silicone Sealant Selector Chart


Primerless Adhesion To These Materials

Which glass cleaner is right for me?

I would like to introduce you to “The Three Amigos” in glass and window cleaning. Each glass cleaning spray works quite well with their streak-free results but they each have their own unique qualities. We will start off with CRL S50 glass cleaner which is the leading ammonia-free glass cleaner in the industry. The foaming glass cleaner formula includes perfume-grade alcohols which are the best cleaning agents you can use.

Having trouble seeing out of your vehicle's windshield?

Having a little trouble seeing out of your vehicle’s windshield? Do you keep putting off the glorious task of glass cleaning in general? Once you do it, oh how proud you are of the results. It’s like the feeling after you wash your entire car. Personally, I tend to drive the car differently afterward as if it’s brand new again. Silly but true. Maintaining clean and clear windows on your vehicle is important for good visibility. Now, look how clean and crisp your field of vision looks. Years ago, practically the only window cleaner available was the blue stuff.