Which glass cleaner is right for me?

I would like to introduce you to “The Three Amigos” in glass and window cleaning. Each glass cleaning spray works quite well with their streak-free results but they each have their own unique qualities. We will start off with CRL S50 glass cleaner which is the leading ammonia-free glass cleaner in the industry. The foaming glass cleaner formula includes perfume-grade alcohols which are the best cleaning agents you can use. It also has a fast evaporation rate which keeps it from leaving a film and adversely interacting with other materials. This product is commonly used indoors to clean glass, mirrors, windows and shower doors leaving its pleasing fragrance. It’s the can with the lady on it which is not to say that it’s for women to use only! It is ironically popular with the ladies, however!

Next is CRL Sprayway glass cleaner 1973 is very similar to CRL S50 glass cleaner with the exception of containing low-ammonia in its formula. Although it works just as well, the cost is less which makes CRL 1973 glass cleaner the most popular selling glass cleaner in its class for the money. This product is commonly used to clean glass, mirrors, windows, shower doors and auto windshields. It also leaves a pleasing scent yet not perfume-grade.

And lastly, is CRL Somaca Hi-SHEEN Glass Cleaner. This is the toughest one of the bunch. Its dependable, no-nonsense aerosol formula dissolves dirt, fingerprints, grime, grease, salts, saps and smudges and has remained a popular glass cleaner used by the professionals for years. As strong as it is, it also contains a low-ammoniated formula. All three glass cleaners provide a powerful foaming action formula, leave a streak-free shine after one pass and come in a generous 19 ounce spray can. Can't decide? Try all three and base your own opinion. We love reviews, too!