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The New and Improved

It's official! After countless hours of improving our site navigation, checkout experience and color scheme, we are proud to introduce the new and improved With our customers in mind, some of the many new features of our website include:

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our lifeline. Without them, we would not be here today. The PK Team strives to deliver the best customer satisfaction on the web. If you are not happy, we are not happy and we will do whatever we can to keep you satisfied.

Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts Now Available on

Saving money is now even easier at thanks to our new bulk discount feature. All you need to do is follow the 3 easy steps below:

  • Visit a product page
  • Look for the bulk discount quantity below the price
  • Add this quantity to your cart and Save

It's that easy!

Are you interested in purchasing larger quantities? Please contact us at [email protected].

Guidelines to Good Glazing

By following these basic guidlines to good glazing you can be assured that every project will result in a good sealant application.

Going through paper towels like mad?

When cleaning glass windows, do you find yourself going through rolls of paper towels and having to reorder them sooner than you'd like to? No matter what the quality of the paper towel you use, isn't it aggravating to see those lint remnants on your windows, glass shower doors or car windshields? Every once in a while, a product is discovered that makes chores a little less hectic. CRL Lint Free Glass Wipes is that product.

Are you doing your part to be Green?

Many companies grab on to the latest fad in hopes of growing their market share and/or padding their profits. I can remember when Rubik's cube became a hot commodity in the early 80's. Many enthusiasts hopped on the bandwagon and were selling them. Like all of the rest of the fads, the "cube" faded away in popularity and in sales. Well, there is a new buzz word that's here to stay, that is if we want to keep earth as our home. It's now commonly known as Sustainability or Going Green.

Spring Cleaning Done Simple

My favorite time of year in the Midwest is Spring. The only downside to this time period, which starts the tree and flower budding process, and, of course, much welcomed warmer weather, is the mention of “spring cleaning”. No, not the just the car, but the windows in the house. Get out the glass cleaner, two bottles, if the spouse wants to assist, paper towels, a ladder and lots of patience for such a tedious and “labor of love” task. Well, it has to be done in order to scratch this job off “the list”; and you know what that is!

Best Smelling Glass Cleaner

I always get a kick out of CRL Sprayway Glass Cleaner S50 and its affect on the ladies. It seems that the aroma from this foam cleaner is the alluring factor that makes this product so popular. One of my eBay customer's Feedback comments was that his wife is now very happy.

Most Popular Aerosol Glass Cleaner

CRL Sprayway Glass Cleaner # 1973 is one of our most popular aerosol glass cleaners. This product contains effective cleaning agents that leave a pleasant aroma unlike other household brands. This big differential is this: Once quick spray is all it takes to loosen up dirt and grime. Its foaming action lifts the dirt for easy wiping and leaves no streaks! The pros have known about and used this glass cleaner for years and slowly the word is getting out.

PK Supplies and Sustainability

PK Supplies demonstrates sustainability leadership in the commitment to operating in an environmentally friendly way which means looking for ways to renew, reduce and reuse resources in our network and in the services and many of the products that we offer to customers. We pursue sustainable business practices by providing operational efficiencies, conservation and innovative business practices.