Spring Cleaning Done Simple

My favorite time of year in the Midwest is Spring. The only downside to this time period, which starts the tree and flower budding process, and, of course, much welcomed warmer weather, is the mention of “spring cleaning”. No, not the just the car, but the windows in the house. Get out the glass cleaner, two bottles, if the spouse wants to assist, paper towels, a ladder and lots of patience for such a tedious and “labor of love” task. Well, it has to be done in order to scratch this job off “the list”; and you know what that is! For years we have used brand name glass cleaners and just assumed that the process involved several passes of spraying and wiping until you can see outdoors again! Well, a few months ago, I stumbled upon a product that historically has been used in the automotive and marine industry for cleaning glass windows and mirrors and it wasn't Windex. I was told by the manufacturer that one quick spray to clean a glass or mirror surface is all that is needed. To my ultimate delight, he was right on! What took me (us) all day, cut down the job by 2/3’s. Not only did we save time but the outcome was a brilliant sheen that we haven’t seen in some time. Okay. Just tell everyone what the product is, already!!! Well…It’s CRL Sprayway Glass Cleaner which is available by the case (12), 6, 3 or single cans. If you or your significant other are Clean-aholics, this product is for you. Oh, and by the way, this product works great as a windshield cleaner, car mirror cleaner and a stainless steel cleaner.