Are you doing your part to be Green?

Many companies grab on to the latest fad in hopes of growing their market share and/or padding their profits. I can remember when Rubik's cube became a hot commodity in the early 80's. Many enthusiasts hopped on the bandwagon and were selling them. Like all of the rest of the fads, the "cube" faded away in popularity and in sales. Well, there is a new buzz word that's here to stay, that is if we want to keep earth as our home. It's now commonly known as Sustainability or Going Green. Giants like UPS now have introduced many alternative fuel vehicles to its fleet and also offers its customers the option of contributing pennies on the dollar towards further research and development to further its Going Green efforts. Manufacturers are joining the Green movement by developing eco-friendly products like CRL Sprayway Glass Cleaners that will hopefully prevent future generations from having to move to another planet! is doing its part by offering a variety of products that contain no CFC's or ozone depleting elements. These products include CRL Sprayway 1973 with an ammoniated formula, Somaca Industrial Strength Hi-Sheen Glass Cleaner and CRL Sprayway S50 Glass Cleaner that has an ammonia-free formula leaving a pleasant perfume-grade scent.

So, do your part by helping to save our environment by ordering CRL Sprayway products by