Having trouble seeing out of your vehicle's windshield?

Having a little trouble seeing out of your vehicle’s windshield? Do you keep putting off the glorious task of glass cleaning in general? Once you do it, oh how proud you are of the results. It’s like the feeling after you wash your entire car. Personally, I tend to drive the car differently afterward as if it’s brand new again. Silly but true. Maintaining clean and clear windows on your vehicle is important for good visibility. Now, look how clean and crisp your field of vision looks. Years ago, practically the only window cleaner available was the blue stuff. You have to apply and wipe about three times to reach success. Today, enhancements in cleansing alcohols combined with foaming action have produced excellent glass cleaners. Are you also having trouble trying to get water spots, finger prints, salts or any other very stubborn residues out? You may want to try an industrial strength glass cleaner like CRL Somaca Hi-SHEEN Glass Cleaner. Okay. Now for the tedious directions:

  • Shake the can
  • Spray sparingly onto the glass surface
  • Wipe off with a clean towel; preferably a CRL Lint Free Glass Wipe. These cloths are long-lasting and will never scratch the surface it makes contact with.

Not so hard, eh?


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