Preparation and Application Instructions for Tremsil 200 Sealant


Joint Design

Tremco Tremsil 200 silicone sealant can be used with any joint designed in accordance with accepted architectural/engineering practices. The joint width should be at least 4 times the expected movement but no less than 1/4" wide.

Joint Dimensions

For joints 1/4" to 1/2" wide, the width-to-depth ratio should be the same. Joints 1/2" wide or greater should have a depth of 1/2". The minimum joint size is 1/4" by 1/4".

Surface Preparation

For the best adhesion, the joint interface must be unblemished, clean and dry before applying Tremco Tremsil 200 silicone sealant. Depending on the substrate, Tremco recommends a thorough wire brushing, grinding, sandblasting, solvent washing and perhaps a primer depending on the degree of dirt or contamination that is present on the substrate.

Tooling & Cleaning

Tooling is recommended immediately after application of this silicone sealant to ensure firm, close contact with the joint's interface. Dry tooling is the preferred method after application. Clean with a solvent well before the sealant starts to cure.

Joint Backing

Bond Breaking Tape

Closed-cell polyethylene, reticulated foam and some open cell polyurethane rods can be used as joint backing to control the depth of sealant bead. In situations where the depth of joint could prevent the use of joint backing, an adhesive backed polyethylene tape should be installed to prevent three-sided adhesion. Make sure that the joint backing is dry at time of sealant's application.


Tremsil 200 silicone sealant is very simple to apply with conventional caulking application tools. Just fill the joint completely and begin tooling afterward. At 75 degrees F, 50%

relative humidity, a tough skin will form within a 30 minute time period.


Damaged sealant can be repaired. Consult Tremco directly for repair procedures.


  • Tremsil 200 is not to be applied to damp or dirty surfaces.
  • Always use this product in a well ventilated area.
  • This silicone sealant is not to be used when continuous water immersion exists.

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