How to use Palmer QwikSet Mirro Mastic Adhesive

Directions for target and mirror applications

1.) Not for use on acrylic mirrors, vinyl safety backing, painted surfaces, wall coverings or wood that is treated.

2.) To obtain the best adhesion, the target area and the Palmer QwikSet Mirro Mastic should be at room temperature or around 72 degrees.

3.) Make sure that the target area is dust-free, clean and dry. On non-porous targets, such as, glass, metal or tile, sealing is unnecessary. On porous targets including drywall or wood, use a primer or a sealer (not paint) and allow sufficient drying time. Painted surfaces need to be sanded down to the original surface for the best adhesion to occur. Wall covering also needs to be removed prior to application of the mirro mastic adhesive.

Directions for applying Palmer Qwikset Mirro Mastic

1.) Apply Mirro Mastic to the target area or mirror in vertical bead shapes or mounds. Keep away from the mirror's edges to prevent overflow. Apply beads so that there will be space left between them when the mirror is installed. Each vertical bead should be no longer than 1/2" in width with a minimum of one bead every 12". The diameter of each mound should be around 1-1/2" for each square foot.

2.) Press mirror firmly in place to make good contact between the mirror, mastic adhesive and the target area. Each vertical bead should spread to about 2" in width and each mound should spread to 3-1/2" in diameter. The mastic needs air circulationin in order to cure properly.

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