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Taking on projects, whether for your home or how you make your living, can be a stressful experience without the right tools and applications. Remember the old adage, let your tools do the work? Well, assuming that you have the right tools, what about the products that you are working with? Let's say that you want to replace a cracked mirror. Not only do you have to be very careful when removing the mirror pieces, you also have to remove the mirror mastic adhesive by using a quality adhesive mastic remover. Once ready to go, select a high quality mirror mastic to secure the mirror to the backing, then you're good to go. Keeping the mirror in place horizontally for a day will prevent the mirror from sliding within its frame. Take it from me. I learned the hard way! Scratched glass and mirrors are an ugly sight. Before spending a whole lot of money replacing them, there are glass scratch removers available that will restore your piece and will make it look as good as new. Many items surrounding us need a touch-up now and then. Although there are many touch-up paints out there, be sure to select one that will work best on the target area. Not all paints adhere to all types of surfaces. There is also various types of putty to keep water or condensation from ruining things. What would we do without it? A lot of damage repair, that's what! Drywall gets a bad wrap. No, not because it doesn't do what it is supposed to do, but the work involved is quite labor intensive, especially the mudding part. Equally as challenging is applying silicone, acrylic latex and polyurethane sealants. Yes, there is definitely an art to applying this stuff which I haven't figured out yet! I guess a steady hand and a whole lot of patience should be included in their instructions. Lastly, we can't forget about the tape. Yes, all kinds of tape for different types of projects. Tape for masking before painting, tape for weatherproofing, tape for sealing your windows and doors to keep the draft out and, well, you get the drift!. Ah, so much fun.

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