How to use Dow Corning 0S2 Silicone Cleaner and Surface Prep Solvent

How to apply Dow Corning 0S2 silicone cleaner

Dow Corning OS-2 silicone cleaner and surface preparation solvent can be applied by the following methods:

  1. Spraying
  2. Dipping 
  3. Brushing
  4. Wiping

Surface Preparation

Dow Corning OS-2 silicone cleaner and surface prep solvent is quite effective at removing various types of grease, oil, shop soil and even fingerprints. This product evaporates completely and as quickly as ispropyl alcholol, for comparative purposes, leaving a clean surface that will be ready for your painting, bonding or sealing project. Spray or wipe Dow Corning OS-2 silicone cleaner and surface prep solvent onto the target surface, let soak for a munite or two and then wipe off with a clean dry cloth. 

Silicone Removal 

Dow Corning OS-2 silicone cleaner and surface prep solvent is also effective at removing uncured silicone sealants, oils and greases, including the removal of any hidden residue. It can also soften many cured silicones, making them easier to remove. Just scrape off as much of the cured silicone as you can, either spray or wipe on Dow Corning OS-2 silicone cleaner and surface prep solvent, let it soak for a few minutes, and then wipe the surface before it begins to drys, repeating the process if needed. Dow Corning OS-2 silicone cleaner and surface prep solvent also cleans silicone dispensing equipment.

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